A city so saturated and marked by the peace of Christ that the world takes notice. A city where different peoples don’t merely coexist but outdo one another in showing love and honor. A city where the vulnerable and marginalized are valued, cared for and empowered. A city where the Prince of Peace is worshiped by all in one voice. A city where the Spirit-filled Church has taken the lead in effecting transformational peace.


PURSUING THE PEACE OF CHRIST FOR OUR city by making disciples, serving our communities, and planting churches.

+Our city /// riverdale

Riverdale has long been a landing zone for families new to the DMV area, especially immigrant and refugee families with limited means. It's made up of Latinos, Blacks, Caucasians, refugees from many nations, long-time residents, and newer young professionals. Diverse ethnically, culturally, and socio-economically.

Many families have left past situations of conflict, division, and unrest. They attempt to seek or maintain some semblance of peace, yet challenges are plenty. Dead-end jobs, broken families, racial discord, isolation, trouble assimilating, substance abuse, health issues, and spiritual deadness. And while there is great diversity, the community remains disconnected. People are struggling, barely holding on. Refugees and immigrants are desperately needing advocates and friends. Others realize a void remains even after attaining personal stability. True peace is greatly desired, yet so elusive.

+our name /// MISSION

Peace invokes thoughts of tranquility or an absence of conflict. But in the Scriptures, peace means so much more.

Shalom is the Hebrew word for a comprehensive peace that includes harmony, wholeness, and flourishing. This holistic peace isn't only for individuals, but extends to families, communities, and the world. It's what God intended for creation, what sin fractured, and what God is restoring in Christ through his Church.

Only the gospel of peace has the power to restore our peace with God. Only the peace of Christ can answer the needs of our city. That's why we're planting Peace City Church. Our mission is simple:

Pursuing the peace of Christ for our city by making disciples, serving our communities, and planting churches.


+Our Future /// vision

We envision a diverse family of Jesus followers that powerfully and beautifully illustrates true peace to our city. A family made up young, old, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, families from many nations-- all united, worshiping, and proclaiming Christ.

We envision a collective of mission-driven groups spread throughout our city. An army of courageous peacemakers, multiplying peace in every neighborhood, leading towards the better way of Jesus.

We envision the situation of the vulnerable and marginalized in our city flipped upside down. We dream of mobilizing the Church to strengthen and empower broken families, immigrants, and refugees in Riverdale so they are no longer neglected, forgotten.

We envision reproducible impact, in communities near and far. We see new churches planted, existing churches equipped for multicultural ministry, and missionaries sent out into the nations.