PEACE Groups

What is a Peace Group?

  • A group of 6-12 Jesus followers who are serving a specific neighborhood, network, or cause

  • The primary context for service, friendships, and community involvement

  • Peace City's version of a Small Group, Community Group, or Missional Community

What does a Peace Group do?

  • Family Meal

    • Eat together

    • Share stories

    • Plan how to serve

    • Pray together

  • Serve

    • Serve consistently

    • Show up to community events

    • Develop friendships

    • Share the gospel

What should I expect in a Peace Group?

  • A Mission Focus - a specific neighborhood, network, or cause

  • A Serve Focus - empowered to serve throughout the month

  • Monthly Family Meal

Peace GroupS

+William Wirt Peace Group

  • Mission Focus: William Wirt Middle School

  • Serve Focus: Establishing, Developing and Maintaining a Parent-Teacher Organization

  • Family Meal: Every 1st Tuesday of the month

  • Leaders: Pastor Brandon and Tulani Smith

RIverdale Heights Peace Group

  • Mission Focus: Riverdale Heights neighborhood

  • Serve Focus: Community Association Meetings and Neighborhood Events

  • Family Meal: Every 1st Monday of the month

  • Leaders: Pastor Eric & Lisa So

+ESL Peace Group

  • Mission Focus: English Language Learners

  • Serve Focus: Developing and Maintaining ESL classes and Relationships with Students

  • Family Meal: Every 1st Wednesday of the month

  • Leaders: Jacob and Amy Smith

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