Step 2: Serve Riverdale

Join a Peace Group - the place for community impact and friendships

Life is better together

What is a Peace Group?

  • A group of 6-12 Jesus followers who are serving a specific neighborhood, network, or cause.
  • The primary context for friendships and serving the community together.
  • Peace City's version of a Small Group, Community Group, or Missional Community

What does a Peace Group do?

  • Family Meal

-Eat together

-Share stories

-Plan how to serve

-Pray together

  • Serve

-Serve consistently

-Show up to community events

-Develop friendships

-Share the gospel

What should I expect in a Peace Group?

  • Mission Focus - a specific neighborhood, network, or cause
  • Serve Focus - empowered to serve throughout the month
  • Monthly Family Meal