Why is Church Membership Important?

  • Every follower of Jesus is automatically in the universal Church but that is practically lived out in a specific local church.
  • A follower of Jesus cannot faithfully and fully obey the commands of scriptures without being committed to a local church.
  • You miss out on God’s grace if you are disconnected from a local church.
  • Others miss out on God’s grace through you if you are disconnected from the local church.
  • Church leadership flows out of submission to Christ.
  • Don’t just be an attendee or consumer. Be a committed, active participant of a local church. Like dating moving to marriage, commit and become a member.
  • Pastors need to know who is in the flock. Membership helps pastors lead the flock more effectively. It helps the church pursue its mission more effectively.

How to Become a Member

  1. LISTEN to two sermons on The Church and Church Leadership (if you weren’t there on those Sundays). If you are an English Language Learner, you can schedule a meeting with a pastor and we'll bring a translator so we can talk to you about our church and membership
  2. READ our Confession of Faith and Membership Covenant. You can also review our Vision Doc and Peace Group Doc. See Attachments.
  3. DECIDE if you would like to pursue membership. If yes, CONTACT Pastor Eric to schedule a Membership Covenant Meeting with a pastor. You will have space to ask questions and we'll ask a few questions about your faith, family, and life so we get to know each other better. (email or call/text 240-499-4290)
  4. APPROVAL. Elders (Pastor Brandon and I) will approve your membership or give you next steps for approval.
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT. Get officially announced as a new member of Peace City Church on a future Sunday.

Our prayer and hope is that you commit to Peace City Church by becoming a member as we pursue the vision and mission God has called us to. Family for Strangers. Refuge for the Broken. Peace for our City.