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We believe the gospel of peace can radically transform a city by bringing vastly different people together, united in pursuing the eternal flourishing of one another, all for the glory of God. We believe we're uniquely positioned to courageously take the lead in flipping the dire situation of the vulnerable and marginalized in our city upside-down for eternity.

God has blessed us beyond what we even know through the grace of Jesus Christ. All we possess is His and He has given us the responsibility to steward it all for His Kingdom. One way we commit to that aim is by giving toward the local church, God's Plan A to redeem the world. Let us be faithful, generous, and cheerful in our giving of finances to see Peace City Church faithfully and effectively pursue its vision to be a Family for Strangers, Refuge for the Broken, and Peace for our City in Riverdale and beyond.

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Mail: Checks payable to "Peace City Church" and mail to 6811 Kenilworth Ave, Suite 402, Riverdale, MD 20737