Join a Discipleship Group that is committed to making disciples

D-Groups (Discipleship Groups)

Peace City Church is committed to making disciples of Jesus.

Disciple = one who trusts, treasures and follows Jesus, becoming more and more like him.

Discipleship = helping others trust, treasure and follow Jesus. 

Jesus gathered a few and they were together regularly to learn, pray and share life. There was also the expectation that disciples would multiply more disciples. This movement would produce deep life transformation as well as the spread of the gospel.

Peace City will now form D-Groups to focus in on such a discipling movement. We want each and every one of you to join one and take part in one of our core commitments: making disciples.

What is a D-Group?

Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) are small groups of 3-5 Jesus followers who commit to making disciples of Jesus who make disciples.

D-Groups will commit to the following:

+ Follow the PCC Bible Reading Plan together

+ Meet together weekly (in-person or zoom) to interact over questions, share Bible reflections, and pray for one another 

+ Help multiply disciples and more D-Groups

Why should you join one?

+ You will grow in Christ and help others grow in Christ

+ You will be involved in the mission of PCC by making disciples

+ You will contribute to the advancement of the gospel

D-Groups Registration