6 months till launch
4 mission critical MOVES identified
$13k needed to arise

+ $2,000 for Health + Fun Festival to Serve Refugees/Immigrants
+ $8,000 for Ministry Internships for Refugee/Immigrant Christians
+ $3,000 for Materials, Training, and Utilities for Launching ESL Program (pilot) for Peace Center Vision

*We originally were also raising funds to rent space ($12k) but we are now able to use
an ideal meeting space in the community for FREE so we removed that item!



One-time Gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more!
(gifts of $500 or more will receive a free, upcoming Peace City Church T-shirt)

*****$11,445 RAISED AS OF 12/04*****

Go to www.sentnetwork.org/give and choose “Eric So” on the “I want to support” dropdown

Peace Center Vision

We have identified unique services and approaches needed to empower the vulnerable people in our community, starting with refugees. We are aiming to pilot a few programs in the coming year but need to acquire the necessary space. Our strategy is to start right in or near the refugee apartment community to make it extremely accessible to those in need. This will be the beginnings of our Peace Center vision, a ministry providing empowering services to the vulnerable and marginalized, such as refugees, immigrants, low-income single-parent families, and others in poverty. This will lead to more and more cross cultural friendships, gospel sharing, vulnerable families being strengthened, and peace for our city . We will create pathways for other local churches to serve to increase impact.

Disclaimer: Your gift to Peace City Church (PCC) is used under the direction and discretion of PCC's Leadership and is made with the understanding that PCC has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds. As much as possible, in keeping with the organization's mission, priorities, and policies, funds will be applied as requested toward the four purposes listed above.